Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Well, two more days and I will have been on this planet for 30 years. It has been a rough year. I think I have just become saturated with the evil rot of humanity. Too much exposure to people in bad moods, inconsiderate people, mean people, intolerant people, demanding people. I think I may start naming the years. My own calander. This is the Year of Saturation. I have become too full of anger and despair. I am very quick to anger and depression. I can't get refreshed. Like a wet sponge, I have soaked up too much negativity and can't squeeze myself dry. There is no buffer zone. One bad phone call at work, and bang I am trying to smash the receiver through my computer monitor.
It has been getting better lately. Learning how to toughen up my skin and let it all out. (mixed metaphors)
The good thing is that I seem to have almost beaten my anxiety. I now only get nervous like normal people.

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