Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Movies I watched in 2002:
Ghosts of Mars, Heat, Pootie Tang, Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring, Amelie, Center of the World, Moulin Rouge, Tomb Raider, Jeepers Creepers, American Pie2, Amose Peros, Evolution, Pollock, Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Ghost World, Red Hot American Summer, Series7, Thomas in Love, Scary Movie2, K2, The Gift, Diamond's are Forever, Kiss of the Dragon, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Zoolander, Training Day, The Princess and the Warrior, Kpac, Sexy Beast, Donnie Darko, Iron Monkey, Bandits, Tape, The Princess Bride, From Hell, Last Wedding, Oceans 11, Dinner at Fred's, Happy Together, Novocaine, Vanilla Sky, Heist, Monster's Ball, Orange County, Corky Romano, Mulholland Drive, Not Another Teen Movie, Beautiful Mind, Sidewalks of New York, Following, Protection, No Such Thing, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Time Machine, Mothman Prophecies, Resident Evil, Dagon, The Devil's Backbone, Black Hawk down, The Sweetest Thing, Queen of the Dammed, Blade2, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Mr. Deeds, Panic Room, Men With Brooms, Insomnia, Reign of Fire, The Ring, Men in Black2, Die Another Day, Star Trek Nemesis, 8 Legged Freaks, Lord Of the Rings:The Two Towers, Big Trouble, The Wickerman.

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