Thursday, January 09, 2003

Nostalgia; looking back at your life and trying to fit it into discrete chapters. This is the time that I went to school, this is the time I lived with Alex. Are there discrete channels/ demarcations of 'then' and 'before then'? Or are they fabricate in reflection. Is it more liquid? Geographically you lived here and then moved to there, but emotionaly? Can I say I was feeling a certain way from July 14th 2000 to August 15th 2002? Who am I now, who was I on Dec 5th 1979? Can you hold up the two of me and compare the differences? Can you compare yourself like the two Glen Gould recordings of "The Goldberg Variations". One recorded at the begining of his career in 1955, the second in 1981.
Can you compare you life like that?
Should you even try?

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