Tuesday, April 22, 2003

absolute chaos downtown right now. fireworks, people everywhere. the noise is unbelievable.
I had cathleen drive me downtown right after the game because Fischerspooner were playing at the commadore. stupid early show because of that fuckin discotronic night. so I get in line, get to the ticket counter and ask for a Fischerspooner ticket. She says they are done, so I leave through the gate. doorman dude asks why I am leaving already. I told him that I only came to see Fischerspooner. he says that he was running between the game and the show. I start walking down granville street but notice that Fischerspooner is still playing so I rush back to the gate, but a girl is there now and she won't let me back in. So I go back to the line up and these drunk fools are arguing with the doorman about ID so by the time I get there the music stops and I see the Fischerspooner crowd start to file out.

So I wandered around downtown watching every car pass me with flags awaving and horns ahonking. saw a fight, and then some guy run over the entire length of limo that was stuck in the traffic.
cute girls everywhere and lots of celebrating. wow. I can't imagine what it would be like downtown if the canucks actually win the cup!

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