Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two quotes regarding the Emerson debacle:

"Emerson maintains that he was approached by John Reynolds immediately after the election, but one has to wonder whether the thought of switching sides crossed his mind during the campaign. On election night, television cameras caught him, in a slip of the tongue, referring to a future majority Conservative government, quickly corrected to Liberal for that night's crowd."-David Schreck, Former BC NDP Special Advisor to the Premier. Strategic Thoughts.

"It's been argued that Emerson should resign his seat and run for election as a Conservative. This has not been the practice here, in Britain or the United States. In cases where the floor crosser moves into cabinet, I believe he should resign and seek voter approval for what he's done. That he won't resign and run in a by-election is no doubt due, in part, to his knowledge that he'd get his ass kicked."-Rafe Mair Former Socred Minister. www.rafeonline.com.

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