Thursday, May 04, 2006

Polaroid has announced that they will no longer manufacture
SX-70 Film. This makes me very very sad.
This film is very special because the emulsion stays soft for
several hours allowing you to manipulate it manually.

The SX-70 camera has always been my favorite camera to use.
I also like the fact that folded it looks like a giant pager.


Dr. Fatty said...

How much are the cameras worth? Can you still get them?

And are you stocking up on what's left of the film?

joz said...

the cameras are still available on ebay, pawn shops and
camera shops.
I have been trying to get the film. Asking people in large cities to track it down, but it has been all snatched up.
There is some available on ebay as well, but it is pricey.