Friday, June 30, 2006


What was to be the most interesting Tour in years has imploded.

Almost all of the top riders who were to compete for the
Mailot Jeune banished by their teams for suspicon of blood doping.

The one good thing is that my man Hincapie now
has a very very strong chance of being on top of the podium in Paris.

The refrain we have been hearing for years is that the dopers were
low level riders. Guys that were looking for a boost to be able to
keep up to the big guns.

Well it looks like the big guns were dragging everyone else
in their wake.

7 out of the top 15 places (five each) in the last three Grand Tours
went to riders on the Operacion Puerto list.

Sad. Very very sad.

Well there is always the Devil to watch out for during the race.


Duncan said...

Think I'll watch for the angel instead.

Dr. Fatty said...

Yeah, I think all that's left of the Tour is the Angel. She should be naked and sitting on an English Cucumber. Maybe she is.