Sunday, June 11, 2006

Okay this falls under the category of "WHA-FU??"

The Vancouver Olympics Commitee has asked, and been given permision
by the IOC to:
change the size of the Olympic Hockey rink to the standard NHL size.


Sure they have lots of $$ reasons for doing this. But come on...

I am kind of at a loss for words. I am trying to get my thoughts in order.
This seems like such a ludicrus idea. I can't believe they
were able to get permission to do this.

I the immortal words of Therzo "They should all be shot".

I will have to write more on this later once I have digested it, and my blood pressure
levels off.


Dr. Fatty said...

This is pathetic. It's the start (the major start) to show how unprepared this city is for the Olympics. We'll be rushing things and cutting corners all the way to opening ceremonies (which will be the worst in the history of the Olympics because of ugly BC Place).

The IOC should not have caved and instead moved the games to another, more capable and adequate city. This just means that the US and Canada will have a much needed advantage over countries that stress real hockey. Now we'll be witnessing lame-ass hockey with less skill and more of those oh so "thrilling" hits.

Lex said...

This is disappointing. I was hoping the focus on 2010 with an eye on the international style of play would lead to the beginning of much needed change in hockey development.

Its all about the $$$.