Sunday, July 16, 2006

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Lex said...

Boo! A pox on the classless Italian team. Zidane is my man.

Lex said...

But it is still a good photo.

Dr. Fatty said...

I agree, a pox on the Italian team.

Everyone says that trash talk is not illegal and it's part of the game. However, that doesn't mean it's ethical or shows sportsmanship.

Zidane for Prime Minister of Canada!!!

joz said...

But really it doesn't matter what was said. His action was indefensible. Like he hasn't heard it all before.
His response should have been. Silence. His goal should
have spoke for him. With a chance for another in his
last every professional game.

Can you imagine Gretzky spearing someone in the stanley cup finals?

Trite apology as well.

Lex said...

Oh come on. A head butt to the chest is hardly spearing.

I agree with therzo, neither the trash-talk or the response were sporting. Good for FIFA for punishing both of them.