Sunday, October 15, 2006

I went to the hospital on Friday the 13th to have the operation all the boys hate. The big V.

So I am lying out in the Jesus Christ pose - Nobody told me that I would be strapped down-with everything covered except my groin. Margot's aunt then proceeds to wash me 'down there' with very very cold antiseptic. Then doc comes in to get suited up. He makes a couple jokes then says hold on I am going to put in some freezing. A sharp pain in my testicles and a lot of pulling sensation. Next he says he is going to begin. HOLY F*CK!!. Good thing my legs were strapped down or else Mr Doc would have had my knee to his temple. "oh more freezing?" no shit ace. A couple more sharp pricks and he works away. I wouldn't say it is a painless procedure, kinda felt like he was trying to push my testicles back into my body. A little bit of cauterizing and some sewing and on to the next one. This side was much more painful. After he is down he says "okay see you next week for the second half" Ha Ha!

He sits down to write up some paper work, while the nurses pull everything off me (heart rate monitor and cuff etc). I get up he hands me a perscription and then I get dressed. A little tough to do while holding the gauze.

I was supposed to call for a ride, but I feel pretty good. So I walk down to the pharmacy and then to my dad's office.

Took a couple T3's just for fun - no buzz just feel happy.

I don't really look at the damage until later that night. Two puckerish scars and my right testicle is almost black.
So a couple days later and I still have a 'grapefruit' in my underwear. Don't feel too bad though it is just tough to climb into the car, and Seth has wacked me a couple of times. I guess he is making sure he doesn't get anymore sisters...


Dr. Fatty said...

You're decision was yours to make; can't comment so much on that.

Having said that, any man who decides this is the way to go does deserve some pain and discomfort for this decision.

Anonymous said...


hold steady said...


joz said...

Ron: "any man who decides this is the way to go does deserve some pain and discomfort for this decision"
--what does that mean?

Lex said...

I second the "Ouch!"