Saturday, November 25, 2006

Conspiracy theorists take note.

November 24th was Buy Nothing Day.

Coincidently Royal Bank and Moneris Solutions Point of Sale and Credit Machines failed for about three hours.

Matt Cram, a representative of Moneris said he did not know what caused the problem which affected retailers and consumers across Canada. ATM's were not affected.


Random Thoughts said...

For once in about three years I needed to use debit to buy my lunch on Friday (a wopping bill of $6.23). I only had $5 in cash. Restaurant only accepted debit (no VISA, MC, AMEX)....tried three times with no luck. No other customers in the place so I thought it was my stupidity with using debit. Had to go to the golf bag in the trunk and drag out some change to pay the bill and had just enough for a shitty tip. This after the server/cook gave me a sampling of beef samosa on the house.


Always carry cash.

Dr. Fatty said...

I'm just a little confused with all this buy nothing stuff. Do hookers and weed count?