Saturday, November 18, 2006

I admit I was a little leary about D-Ro's idea to dress up fancy and smuggle in martinis to the opening of CASINO ROYALE,
but we had a great time. After deciding on the best method to transport the goods into the theatre we headed up to Duffy's. I always enjoy looking sharp at a pub in this town. People either think you were at a funeral or a wedding.

D-Ro's date met us at the pub and we drove down to the theatre. Cat had to remind D-Ro that we had kids, so please do not drive like Bond. The theatre lobby was empty so I grabbed snackies. Then we joined the queue for theatre 8.

We decided to start pouring the drinks when the Bond theme song was playing. Very lame and weak song, Moby's version was kinda cheesy but it sure had tonnes of energy. D-Ro's hands were too greasy from the butter on the popcorn so I opened the shaker and then hand it and the baggy of ice to him. A couple quick shakes and he poured into our Martini glasses. I think that is the best way to watch a movie, and I suggest we do it everytime.

Nobody in the audience made a peep, the guys beside me never even glanced over, except when my gorgeous wife was taking off her jacket after returning from the ladies room. The smell of the gin was nice and pungent, so I expected people in front of us to at least turn around.

I did notice that there were quite a few groups of kids also dressed up in suits and evening dresses. Overall a fantastic night out. Afterward D-Ro and I had another Vesper martini in the parking lot while we discussed aspects of what was quite possibly the best Bond film yet.


Dr. Fatty said...

Sounds like a good night out. But, I still don't condone smuggling drinks into theatres.

Where was the other Bond girl? Conspicuously absent from the photos. Did she die like a good Bond girl should?

Lex said...

Sounds classier than smuggling beer into Highlander III.

Duncan said...

Oh therzo, you boring argumentative twit. Think of it as the revolution striking back at overpriced soda pop.

Dr. Fatty said...

But Random Thoughts says the only way theatres stay open is from the high-price pop. Plus, it's the clanking bottles that piss me off about the smugglers. Now if they'd go American-style with plastic beer bottles all would be fine.