Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"As Canada's medal drought continued at the Summer Games in Beijing, athletes were having a hard time coming to grips with missing out on their Olympic dreams.

Swimmer Brent Hayden, a world champion who did not make the final of his best event, is trying to take the disappointment in stride.

Hayden hopes Canadian fans will continue to support the team's efforts in Beijing.

"I have been cheering for the Canucks for how long and they still never have won a Stanley Cup," he said. "I still love them.

"I hope Canadians can think of us the same way."


Dr. Fatty said...

Funny stuff.

It's too bad that they're not getting any medals, but I like the athlete's perspective when interviewed. In reality they have nothing to be ashamed of as they're some of the best in the world (definitely in Canada) at what they do. Also, thankfully, Canada doesn't pump taxpayer money into facilities and training for the athletes like many other countries do; at least not to the same extent. Really, it's just a bunch of games these people are playing. I think it's foolish to put too much pride in it all.

Duncan said...

I listened to an interview on the radio this afternoon that mentioned corporate sponsorship as opposed to government funding. Might be the way to go - think of what kind of dollars the major oil/mining industry could contribute. Training for four years can't be an easy feat, and competition must be spendy. As for the Nucks quote - that's just beautiful.

Scatterdad said...

I was forced to watch the Olympics last weekend. The women's beach volleyball was okay, I guess.