Thursday, April 21, 2005

I am getting so tired of crappy customer service. It is not just the odd poor service experience but a much more prevalent and widespread malaise in the entire spectrum.
I am shocked now when I actually get decent customer service. I don't expect a lot, just a bit of respect. Look me in the eye, sympathise with my request. Don't treat me like I am bothering you, like I am an inconvienience. Don't pass off responisiblilty.
Today I was up at Home Hardware (a place where I have only received good service from one specific employee) and had another instance of poor service. Everytime I go up there with a problem or something I want to buy, I get treated like I am some kind of strange alien.
I was looking for a replcement part for a faucet. I found a guy in plumbing who told me that I should check with the staff in the Kitchen department because they had a box of Moen warranty replacement parts. So I head over there to ask them. They tell me to go to plumbing. I say "oh sorry, they told me to come here" and he starts challenging me on it. No No NO we don't ever deal with this stuff. But he lead me directly to a special box they have tucked away in the plumbing department. Oh I doubt we have this piece, he tells me. And then makes a halfhearted show of looking through the box for my particular piece. Now lets get something clear. I am not upset at the first guy. HE made an honest mistake. The second bozo was just plain attitude. Scoffing at me. So I said thanks anyway I'll go to Revy instead.
Anyway that's enough ranting for now.

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