Sunday, August 28, 2005

J. Alex Parker said:
"Today and tomorrow is the Rock en Seine festival. I am not going, and I'm a little concerned about that. I should go, as I like alot of the bands: Pixies, QOTSA, The Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Jurassic 5, and the Foo Fighters among others.

But, instead its near 10 and I'm in the lab. I'm not going and I don't care that much. Getting old? Different priorities? Both I guess. Right now I'm excited about getting another couple of papers out and trying to close in on a position.

Don't get me wrong, I still like shows and I may go see Stars in a couple of weeks at decent venue here. But I may be done with the outdoor festival thing. Silly rabbit, Tripping is for kids,and hard drugs are for bartenders."

Last night I started to buy tickets for BAUHAUS in Vancouver. I was right up to the last step when I paused. 10th row on the right at The Centre. $60 bucks each. Plus I would have to miss a day of work, and leave work one day as well. I stopped and decided that the cost was too much. I would have to drive to Vancovuer by myself, miss a day of work and possibly more. Too expensive. I know that 4 years ago there would have been no hesitation. I also know that if I still lived and worked in Vancovuer I woul have bought tickets without thingking about it.

Is this the responsiblity of getting older. I plan on going to the next Puppy concet, so it is more a cost-savings type analysis.

Oh well.

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Lex said...

The downtime is a bummer. I know I would have to leave work early, I'd get totally wasted and end up working very little the next day.

Things like that end up low on the pole these days.