Wednesday, August 24, 2005

uggh my Minolta crapped out on me. I was in a good groove with my Lens Baby, then wham-o, no camera-o.

on another note:

I was sitting at my desk, headphones on listening ot songs on random. Heart Shaped Box came on and hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am always in amazement at the emotional tug I get hit with when I hear some songs. One part nostalgia, one part pure adrenaline. Next up was C'mere by Interpol. Again a huge emotional charge. The flood of memory is almost overwhelming. For the Interpol song I can see myself dancing with Lauren in our apartment on Yew. Overwhelming joy and happiness. Like looking too close to the sun; feels good, but your eyes start to water.


Lex said...

Yay! Updates.

Xiu Xiu's "I luv the valley" scares the hell out of me.

Dr. Fatty said...

You're back! Finally. I don't give a shit how many god damned kids you have or plan on having, I want this blog updated a minimum of twice a week.

All right, then.

I'm listening to In Utero right now. What an album. I wish I had been more than just a casual fan back in the day. I think if I understood, and loved, music as much then as I do now I would have been in Seattle every few weeks hoping to catch a gig. But, alas, the only time I saw Nirvana was their last ever Vancouver show 4 months before the end.

I definitely have albums (or songs) that take me to seasons, not necessarily situations. QOTSA's Rated R is definitely a summer album for me. Anything Bonnie Prince Billy is very winter for me. Radiohead tends to take me to the spring.

There are more than four seasons.