Wednesday, September 21, 2005

For some insane reason I stopped into Future Shit on my way back from Vancouver on the weekend.
I berated Dunc for going there, but I got some kind of whiteline highway fever and thought I should pop in and order the new Skinny Puppy concert DVD, and the Best of the Muppet Show. So I look around a bit, and then wait for the girl to stop talking with her friends. "Hi" I say..."I wanted to order some DVD's"
"We don't do that" She says.
"Sorry, I thought I order a DVD at Christmas time"
"No you must have just reserved one."
"uh, you have The Best of the Muppet Show"
She checks on her computer, "nope we don't have it in stock. "
"Okay can you get one in"
"No, sorry"
"uhh, okay...are you going to get in the Skinny Puppy DVD that comes out on the 27th?"
"let's see" types on her little computer "nope we won't be getting that in"
"so I can't buy these DVD's from you"
"No sorry."
"You can order it from our website and they will ship it to your house though"
"can you do that here?"
"No sorry" All you can see on her monitor is crazy old school green text. Like the IBM's I used in grade 8!
"thanks, I'll try Amazon"

I don't understand how a company like this can keep running. I actively tried to buy two expensive DVD's and they wouldn't help me. My mom was with me, and she had a copy of the first season of LOST, I told her to put it back.
And we left. I will never buy anything there, ever.
This is the frikin internet age, there are just too many other ways to buy stuff.
"Here Future Shop, please take my $100"
"No thank you sir, we don't need your money"



Random Thoughts said...

Good old FS --> they but the CUSS in customer service.

However, let's see how long you go before you're lured back in.

Dr. Fatty said...

I'd like to say I'll never go back, but, you have to go in understanding they hire mostly kids. Kids are idiots and they're lazy.

Go in, look for what you want. Get it if it's there, pay, and get out. If it's not there, don't even bother asking about it.

You'll be back.