Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad man.

Moises Duenas Nevado of team Barlow World
I think he finished 39th last year in last years tour, and since he is only 27, he had a great career ahead of him.
No longer. He was sitting just over 6 minutes behind the Tour leader in 19th spot. Most likely he would have lost a crap load of time once the tour hits the big climbs.

The 2nd dope offense is making many people, including me, nervous that there will be more.

Hopefully no more. Oddly enough both riders are Spanish...Just saying


Dr. Fatty said...

Is this really a surprise? I'm sure many others are doping with new resources or techniques. I'm betting it's a huge underground industry to come up with new ways to enhance the body.

I'm sure many athletes at the olympics coming up will also be caught, and not caught.

joz said...

No, it's not a surprise. It's stupid. This year has the highest testing standards ever. I am almost surprised that more haven't been caught. What is a surprise is that these guys think they can still get away with it. I am not sure what the punishment is in other sports like baseball, but in cycling now, it is almost guaranteed to kill your career. Both riders have been fired from their respective teams, and will be very hard pressed to find another.