Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today is devastating "The Saunier Duval-Scott team have voluntarily withdrawn from the Tour de France in the wake of the positive drug test returned by their star climber Riccardo Ricco."

I was really enjoying watching this young rider. He can accelerate like a demon, but "It does not surprise me all that much that it is Ricco (who has tested positive)," former yellow jersey holder Kim Kirchen told Eurosport.

"When you see someone accelerate past you that quickly, you start to have suspicions, though that thought is always retrospective."

"Ricco has come under the spotlight throughout his Pro Tour career as he has a naturally high hematocrit level, which measures the volume of red blood cells.

After exhaustive tests earlier in his career, the International Cycling Union concluded Ricco's hematocrit level could be considered to naturally exceed 50%, around 4% higher than the norm."

Doping is a criminal offense now in France, so he was taken off the team bus by the police. The team voluntarily withdrew from the race.

This one sucks a lot because "the Cobra" was so fun to watch. He also was holding the king of the Mountains Jersey and the White Jersey for best young rider.

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Dr. Fatty said...

Any athlete, in any sport, that dopes does not have the true spirit of sport in him or herself. These are just losers with no personal ethics. If these type of people were in serious financial debt they'd probably sell off or sell out family members to get out of debt.